Thursday, July 28, 2005

H2O Hobo

As much as I enjoy coloring images digitally, its always nice to squirt goo out of tubes and slap it onto something every once in a while. Its with this in mind that I broke out the watercolors and worked on this one.

I must say, it was quite enjoyable to do something completely in traditional media again. I've always preferred paints to computer anyway, the give of the paint, the feel of the brush, the looming knowledge that you don't have an 'undo' feature, purely wonderful stuff. The problem is, its just so much more convenient, particularly with all the kids currently on summer vacation, to push the button and click on the ole Photoshop icon and do them that way. Either way, I want to do more watercolored stuff.

I sat, slightly downhearted
For I couldn't get started
My noggin was stuck in a fog
To conjur a prose
That fit with his nose
Empty, just like hollow log

So I threw a fit
A gripe and a spit
And tapped my foot on the floor
Drummed fingers on table
I thought I was able
Seems that this verse was no more

I guess that is it
I decided to quit
And leave it without a writ poem
Cep't this little verse
Guess it could have been worse
Least it has a dear ho'em


Blogger Drazen said...

Love it and lovely colours Fulton.
After rawing on the same smooth tablet surface for ahile
I love getting back to a painting and getting messy.
Nice to have a regular place to check out your verse .

1:45 AM  

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