Tuesday, July 15, 2008

That Old Misty Mid Aired Water Stuff

I rose yesterday to get ready to don the downtrodden and meet the mundane, sounding the similar that seems to have taken over for the past couple of years, squashing the semblance of just about any time not toiled in either a crusted chamber or looming lethargy. All of a sudden in the silent slavery a sounding socking came crashing upon my door. I opened the orfice to find the pencil pummeling me for neglectful nothings and creative crushings not spent. Long story short this blog has been all but abandoned as of late and it irritates to every inch that it's become that way. I'm praying to the tickled tiki gods of graphite to grant some majic time warp back again. In the meantime I guess I'll see what I can do myself. For anyone who still checks here, Thanks, I'll try to post more. It's necessary.

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