Friday, September 16, 2005

Illustration Friday: "Depth"

I tried to reach into the depths of my noggin for some smidgen of an idea for this weeks IF topic, but for most of the week, I couldnt seem to clench hold of anything worthwhile, I guess I just wasn't digging deep enough. Either that or there simply wasn't anything there in that melon that I so reluctantly try to call my head. Who knows, perhaps I simply wasn't even looking in the right spot. Whatever the case may be, it took me forever to come up with an idea for the topic this week, so as a result, all I've got for yet another week is some sketches. Eh, at least its better than nothing...

Perhaps I should make a pact with the devil... hmm

Deep down below
Is where the souls go
When they've been packed full o sin
With devils and fire
The damnations mire
Just pray ye that Satan don't win

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Highway Robbery

So, I went to fill up the van the other day, cuz unfortunately the gas hog was the only vehicle left standing after the events of a couple weeks ago. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but it left my wallet a little sore to find that it cost me a wopping $40 just for the pleasure of sitting in traffic with millions of other purse starved fellows trying to get here or there. So I went in to pay the attendant, and tried to lob off one of my pinky toes, thinking, well, they're worth something, and they're not going to do me any good, but then I saw the bucket full of pinky toes that they had there. No, they wanted something better, more valuable. They wanted a leg, or an arm. The whole shebang. Fortunately I didn't have to give them my drawing arm, so I decided I'd whip this one together.

....I think I'm gonna try to switch over to one of those Flinstones vehicles...

Disclaimer: I'm all for conservation, and huge monstrosities such as SUV's and whatnot just plain shouldnt be on the road in my humble opinion. Unfortunately, there are quite a few times, and quite a few areas where going without a vehicle is nigh impossible. Such is the way of the coorporate world. I say thee Bah Humbug

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Illustration Friday: "Roots"

There just can't be enough said about having a good set of roots. The best beverages come from high quality ones, certain ones are good for your eyes, they help hold you into the ground when someone wants you out of their garden, they're great for keeping oneself upright when children decide to swing on you or build a house in your branches, the list goes on and on. All too often they're covered with a little mud or dirt, but once you wash that stuff off, you've got a pretty decent jem. When I sat down to think of something for this weeks topic, all this stuff came to mind, and I had a hard time narrowing it down to one thing, so I didn't :) Needless to say, as a result, some things didn't wind up getting fully finished as I would have liked them to be. Ah well, I guess thats the way things go sometimes :)

I'd like to do more with the both of these, add full color to the first one and more detail to the second, but I guess for now they'll have to wait till I have a little more time. Below are a few other sketches I did while trying to be a little decisive on an idea this week.

There should be some prose to follow, stay tuned to find out for sure :)

(edit): Ok, so I lied, no prose. I'll try to pound some out of the ole noggin for next time ;)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Illustration Friday: "Dreams"

Dreams can be strange little critters. Two weeks ago tonight I'd had a dream that I was driving into work and somehow flipped my car. Oddly enough, that following Sunday morning, while driving into work, that exact thing happened to me. I'd nodded off, jumped awake to find myself across the line and facing an oncoming vehicle. Almost out of instinct I swerved, started hydroplaning, and somewhere along the way flipped my car, hitting the roof on a tree. I fortunately managed to walk away from it with only a couple small bruises and some major soreness in the back, neck and shoulder areas (the main reason its taken me so long to compose a new post), but it kinda wierded me out that I'd dreampt almost exactly what happened only a couple days prior. Wacky wild stuff.

Anyway, getting on to the images... I thought I'd post one of the critters from my less premonitiony, but still odd, dreams that I've had. This was originally done as a gift for a friend of mine, but considering he'd came from another strange, though entirely non-premonitiony, dream I'd had, I thought he might fit for this weeks IF topic. I have alot of dreams about creatures such as he, and others doing various things, sometimes marching, sometimes deathmatches, sometimes just simply sitting there and morphing into several different manifestations, somehow similar to each other, but different. I find it fun to try to capture some of the images from these dreams, that is when I can remember them long enough to do so.

The other image is an older sketch of Humpetillio, a character I've been muddling around with for quite some time, but haven't quite settled on anything just yet. Either way, at least he's comfortable at this point :)

Dreams can be funny little creatures, be sure to nurture them well.
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