Thursday, September 15, 2005

Highway Robbery

So, I went to fill up the van the other day, cuz unfortunately the gas hog was the only vehicle left standing after the events of a couple weeks ago. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, but it left my wallet a little sore to find that it cost me a wopping $40 just for the pleasure of sitting in traffic with millions of other purse starved fellows trying to get here or there. So I went in to pay the attendant, and tried to lob off one of my pinky toes, thinking, well, they're worth something, and they're not going to do me any good, but then I saw the bucket full of pinky toes that they had there. No, they wanted something better, more valuable. They wanted a leg, or an arm. The whole shebang. Fortunately I didn't have to give them my drawing arm, so I decided I'd whip this one together.

....I think I'm gonna try to switch over to one of those Flinstones vehicles...

Disclaimer: I'm all for conservation, and huge monstrosities such as SUV's and whatnot just plain shouldnt be on the road in my humble opinion. Unfortunately, there are quite a few times, and quite a few areas where going without a vehicle is nigh impossible. Such is the way of the coorporate world. I say thee Bah Humbug


Anonymous Kazzy said...

KAT!!! omg! yer alive and stuff

*loves and snuggles from NZ*

3:52 PM  

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